Labor Litigation and Risk Analysis

The financial contingency of the proceedings represented by the office is carried out with a high level of sensitivity and attention, in a systematically organized and standardized procedure. The work is carried out by a team composed of lawyers and accountants, with exclusive dedication to the case.

All cases received at the office are evaluated for the financial contingency of each of the claims in the legal action. As we all know, a single labor claim may contain (and often contains) several different claims. Each of them are separately and financially contingent, and must be calculated as closely as possible in the amount discussed in the legal action.

Once a claim is elaborated, each claim receives a risk rating: unlikely, possible or probable losses. This is based on the documents and information provided by the client, the position of the courts and/or the client’s previous losses in the matter, when applicable.

With the amount of each claim and its respective risk classification, it is possible to establish a contingency amount for the proceedings, which is reviewed in the sentence and in each new judgment in higher instances.

The amounts are updated monthly and automatically by the system, according to the indices used by the Labor Court to update debts related to labor, up to the date of the consultation.