Labor Administrative Litigation

In this area, the office provides the defense of the rights and interests of the client by offering representation in administrative proceedings and procedures before the labor government authority (infraction notices, FGTS debt notifications, authorization to work on Sundays and holidays, registration of collective norms etc.) and the Labor Prosecution Office (preparatory procedures, civil investigations, procedures to monitor the Terms of Conduct Adjustment etc.) in all administrative instances, through the presentation of claims and procedural requests, the monitoring of hearings and comprehensive consulting for addressing the matters involved in the case.

In particular, representation before the Labor Prosecution Office is carried out in a highly analytical manner, addressing all aspects and possible repercussions of the claim, with the presentation of existing scenarios, prognostic hypotheses, possible alternatives and the calculation of the respective risks. In general, the representation is carried out with the aim of providing the necessary input for the company to take the necessary measures for the desired extrajudicial resolution.