Granadeiro Guimarães Advogados is a law firm which dates back to the 19th century and whose history has been associated since the beginning with the Granadeiro Guimarães family tradition of involvement in advocacy, which today amounts to five consecutive generations dedicated to law. Their specialty has been linked to labor and employment law ever since the firm came into being, and remains the case in the present day.

Francisco Granadeiro da Silva Guimarães was born in 1870. He graduated from the University of São Paulo Law School in Largo de São Francisco, known at the time as the City of São Paulo Law School, in 1893 ( ). As the founder of the family’s legal tradition, he practiced Administrative and Public Law in Rio de Janeiro, the then capital of the New Republic, and was later named Brazil’s ambassador to Italy.

Following in the footsteps of his father, Renato Granadeiro Guimarães, born in 1894, graduated from the University of São Paulo Law School in Largo de São Francisco in 1919 ( ). He stood out as a first-line practitioner of criminal law and was appointed public prosecutor while taking up a career in politics.

Next in the sequence of events came José Granadeiro Guimarães, who graduated in 1939 ( ) from the same law school as his father and grandfather. He steered the office toward its specialization in labor and employment law in 1941, at a time when Brazil’s first Labor Code was enacted and which coincided with the promulgation of the Consolidation of Labor Laws (Consolidação das Leis do Trabalho – CLT).

His sons Maurício Granadeiro Guimarães and Pérsio Granadeiro Guimarães joined the firm in 1964 ( ) and 1966 respectively. They introduced a professional management structure to the organization to prioritize the institution’s business ethic. Pérsio died prematurely in 2003.

In keeping with the continuity and future of the company, Gustavo Granadeiro Guimarães joined the legal staff in 1990. He earned his law degree from the same law school in São Paulo, 103 years after his great-great grandfather in 1996.

By 2004, some 111 years after the firm had been founded, Granadeiro Guimarães Advogados had retained its tradition as a family business. This year it resolved to become more dynamic and more in tune with the modern era, and to enter into corporate society. It aimed to perfect its professionalism and hone the skills of its most experienced and productive top lawyers, who also became integrated in the firm’s corporate structure at the dawn of this new third century.