Labor Judicial Litigation

In this scope, the office provides the defense of the rights and interests of the client by offering representation in any and all proceedings before the Labor Court, in all instances (Labor Courts, Regional Labor Courts and the Superior Labor Court), as well as before the Federal Supreme Court, depending on the case.

Granadeiro Guimarães Advogados stands out increasingly for its strategic actions, as classified by its clients, according to the material and/or persons involved, the financial, public and/or institutional repercussions, effective or potential, among other criteria that can be applied to specific cases (for example, in collective actions or public civil actions).

Dynamic and integrated solutions have been specially designed for the:

  • Management of procedural information, with a proprietary system for registration and procedural monitoring and reporting;
  • Financial contingency of processes;
  • Data input for client systems (process management software);
  • Management of the agenda for hearings and communications of procedural acts;
  • Elaboration and implementation of agreement policies;
  • Identification and handling of labor liability cases.
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