Area of expertise

Highly and exclusively specialized in the study, interpretation and application of the Law to labor relations, Granadeiro Guimarães Advogados is a national reference in corporate labor law.

Our expertise lies in labor and union law consulting, judicial litigation (Labor Court in all instances and the Federal Supreme Court) and in administrative litigation (labor government authority and Labor Prosecution Office), for national and international companies from the most varied economic segments.

The relentless pursuit of excellence in our services is achieved not only through the use of the best legal techniques when defending the rights and interests of our clients, but also through our ability to provide coordinated and integrated solutions, be it in the management of proceedings and labor contingencies with customized tools to meet our clients’ needs, or through our legal advisory and consulting department’s high level of availability, whereby our primary objective is to understand and immerse ourselves in our client’s business, as if it were our own.

Analysis of labor law compliance and the development of control policies.
Full legal support for the analysis and presentation of hypotheses, risks and solutions for any labor and union issues.
Representation for administrative proceedings and procedures before the Labor Prosecution Office (civil investigations and terms of conduct adjustment) and the labor government authority.
Representation for legal proceedings (individual and collective) before the Labor Court. Strategic actions. Management of laborjudicial litigation.
Financial contingency in proceedings. Provisions.
Conflict mediation. Extrajudicial transaction with homologation in court. Prior conciliation commissions. Arbitration.


Granadeiro Guimarães Advogados currently works with thirty lawyers and a large BackOffice structure made up of professionals in the administrative, accounting and paralegal areas.

The office also has a wide network of corresponding legal representatives throughout the country, all of which are carefully selected and hired on a permanent basis (we do not work with temporary employees), for handling local legal cases (hearings and forensic investigations in general). However, any and all intellectual work (defenses, petitions, appeals etc.) is carried out internally in our office.